NEW! Atlas Praise
NEW! Atlas Corrections

Introducing a New Atlas of the Moon

Created by lunar scientist Charles Wood
and amateur astronomer Maurice Collins

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images

illustrate the near side in high resolution,

with special maps of the limb and farside,

plus LRO altimetry-based images of major

basins and their mare ridges

For more information see LPOD of Nov 18, 2012


Order Now

The Atlas is now being distributed - and soon will be reprinted by - West Virginia University Press. The Chicago Distribution Center handles the actual sales. You can order in any of 5 ways:

1) Phone Chicago Distribution Center at (800) 621-2736.

2) Order online here:

3) Phone CDC internationally at 001 (773) 702 7000.

4) Email orders to

5) Fax orders to (800) 621-8476

And to see why you will want this new Atlas, look at the sample pages below - widen your screen to see pages side by side - they way they appear in the Atlas.

Each chart has a facing page illustrating interesting features of that area.
Chart9text.jpgChart 9.jpg

Sample basin mare ridge chart and limb chart.



Note: Pages shown here are slightly smaller than their 8.5" x 11" actual size.


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