The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter cameras are rapidly imaging every half meter of the lunar surface, and LPOD has published pictures of virtually all of the nearside (few people really care about the farside because it's not visible). I've written more than 120 Sky and Telescope articles about the Moon, a whole book about it, and more than 2000 LPODs. Few amateur images are being submitted to LPOD and almost no one comments anymore. The US government has decided that the Moon will not be the next destination for American space exploration. Is there a reason for LPOD to continue? Is there anything left to show or say? Perhaps it was all a fad that started in the 60s and finally ran its course. Maybe the talk I am giving in Cleveland tonight, titled The Most Fascinating Object in the Night Sky should be about UFOs. Maybe its a mid-life crisis and buying a Mustang or a leather jacket will fix it. Or maybe its just the date.

Chuck Wood


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