image by Rik Hill, Tucson, AZ
The seeing was not great last night but it was finally clear. We've been in one of those desert "cold snaps" which has led to a turbulent upper atmosphere and hence the poor seeing. However, this was a good night to get a look at the famous "X" on the moon near Apianus so, no choice, had to observe. The lower half of this image is dominated by the two circular pools of darkness that are Aliacensus (lower) and Werner above. A line between the centers of these two craters lead to the "X", formed by the walls of Blanchinus, La Caille, Purbach and several smaller features. This is one of the best views of this I ever had, even if one could wish for 8 or 9 seeing.

Rik Hill

CAW Note: There is little to say geologically about this feature - it is a pleasant lighting effect to observe, at least for observers who use the Latin-derived alphabets common to western Europe and their former colonies. I wonder if it is as satisfying for observers whose language is written in entirely different scripts or characters, such as Japanese, Arabic, or even hieroglyphs.

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