image by Robert Reeves, San Antonio, Texas

Mostly we see Crisium under higher lighting that makes it smooth and uncomplicated. Robert's sunset view throws into
sharp relief the mare ridge system that rings the western half of the basin floor. It is remarkable how much the morphology
changes from the wide wave of ridges of the Oppel Ridge at the north, to the scarp west of Swift, Peirce and Picard. At
the southwest part of the basin the ridge breaks into short, narrow, slightly curved ridges. In the north there is a fan of north-
south ridges that converge into a single ridge that doesn't quite extend all the way across the middle of the mare. Concentric
ridges make sense because of the subsidence of the mare, but north-south ridges are less well understood.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
July 18, 2012. Old orange tube Celestron-8, DMK-41 monochrome camera, and a 2.5X Powermate. Processed in Registax 6
and Photoshop CS3, best 200 of 800 frames for each mosaic segment.

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