image by Giuseppe Pappa, Sicily, Italy

I hooe the International Dark-Skies Association people don't see this. The IDA has worked for decades to convince everyone to use shielded lights at night. Shielded lights send the illumination downward where it is needed, and often allow use of lower wattage bulbs, thus saving money. Bright lights at night interfere with animal navigation, worsen pollution and may increase the risk of breast cancer. Sky-shining light also erases the stars of the night sky that have shined over Homo Sapiens for a million years. To restore and preserve the nightly glory of the cosmos - so everyone can marvel at the Milky Way - we must light the ground and not the sky. So Giuseppe's documentation of an unearthly bright light on a city street in Sicily means the IDA's work is not yet done. Help raise awareness to make the sky safe for astronomers.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
Jan 8, 2012 16:12UT. Digital camera fujifilm finepix s5600, 100ASA, 1/20s exposure.


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