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About a month from now will be a one day workshop about the Moon in Springfield, Vermont. If you are coming to Stellafane (the next two days) or just want to come for the Moon Morphology workshop I'd like to meet you. And you'd get to meet Pete Schultz from Brown University who will talk about how the formation of the Imbrium Basin created the Moon's face, and also will provide an LRO update. The great lunar historians Bill Sheehan and Tom Dobbins will regale us with tales of lunar transient events and Algernon Gifford, theNew Zealander who was first to understand that hypervelocity collisions make impact craters. Rick Evans will explain how he makes multispectral images of the Moon, and Bert Willard will share some ancient lunar sketches by Russell Porter. I'll talk about interpreting your observations of the Moon to understand its history and also about how tools such as LTVT open the doors for amateurs to make unprecedented investigations of lunar topography.

Chuck Wood

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