Photo Credit: University of New South Wales/Anglo-Australian Observatory (J. Bailey and S. Lee)

1) Image posted on LUNAR Listserv by Bernard Foing of ESA at 4:24 pm. No explanation so far. CAW interpretation: The large image scale suggest this was taken with a telescope of long focal length, probably a professional telescope. This shows the overexposed illuminated terminator with two separated white blobs. The biggest one, closest to the Moon, does not change so it probably a tall peak illuminated by the setting Sun. The 2nd frame shows a smaller bright spot, that is just barely visible in the next two frames, that is apparently an impact flash.

This image has appeared here stating that it comes from the Anglo-Australian Observatory.

Coalition for Space Exploration confirms that images from AAO with Jeremy Bailey and Steve Lee as observers.

2) Bill Dillon emailed Chuck Wood: "I ran a time sequence using a Global-Rent-a-Scope telescope in Moorook Australia. The imact was to be a 03:55 am Adelaide time (18:25 UT). Nothing seeing in the quick screen capture. Will have to look at the FITs images in more detail."

Bill's most recent report: The image below was shot using a "U" photometric filter, with a two-second exposure time on a 10-inch RC Cassegrain scope. Tried to use the most inefficient filter I could to get the exposure time as high as I could. I was able to get about 2-3 images per minute (most of the time was spent downloading the image from the camera), terribly inefficient by video standards! Should have some time to download and look at the images more carefully after work tonight. If the flash only lasted a fraction of a second, I might have simply missed it during download time. It was worth making a try for it though.
CAW comment: I have enlarged this image but did not see the flash.

3) S&T reports that LPOD contributor Wah did not detect anything doing video with an 8".

4) JAXA has updated its page showing maps of the impact point.

Kaguya impacted the Moon at 2:25 pm EST according to predictions.

Information will be posted as received.

Chuck Wood

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