image by Josh Knutson Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Although we are awash in LRO's amazing ultra high resolution images, this view from a 4" telescope recalls our first look at the Moon. Peering through a neighbor's telescope or one at a star party the Moon is always more spectacular than expected. Perhaps alone of cosmic objects it is not disappointing, because it looks just as grand as in images from professional telescopes. Mars, the Orion nebula, any galaxy and even ringed Saturn are obviously much less spectacular through an eyepiece than as depicted in familar spacecraft images, but the Moon never disappoints.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
March 22, 2010. Approx. 9 PM MST. Nexstar 4SE @ F/13 + Meade LPI + no filters. 7 panel mosaic, 60 seconds per panel - best 50 subs stacked from each. Mosaic manually assembled in Photoshop 7, adjusted for levels/contrast

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