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I have been looking at Langrenus for Tony Cook and Bob O’Connell to do with the Dolfus TLP of 1992. So I thought I would compare Apollo metric (before) with LRO (after) to see if there were any major differences (yeah right as if). I was blinking them in photoshop but could not see anything that had changed. I made this small (as it would not make a large one) animated gif of the two views. The Apollo 15 image is AS15-M-2393, and the LRO was just taken from the 60 degree WAC global mosaic (like we used for the limb regions of the atlas). The Apollo image is high sun, but the resolution was better than the LRO that used.
Was an interesting exercise, and proved nothing (TLP could have been dust if real, which resettled), but still interesting to compare then and now. Personally I think what he saw was just a normal appearance for the crater at that lighting and not worth calling a TLP. But, it makes you look.

Chuck Wood

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