image by Alex Sanz, Ayllón - Segovia - Spain

A dramatic LPOD by Wes Higgins was the terrestrial discovery image of an unnamed rille that wiggles from the west of Plato southward across the edge of Mare Imbrium nearly to the Teneriffe Mountains. This new image by a Spanish amateur debuting on LPOD gloriously confirms the rille, if you can divert your eyes from the impressive shadows streaking across Plato's floor. The long shadow is cast by a 2900 m high peak traditionally called Plato Zeta.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
August 24, 2008. Schmidt Cassegrain 280 m.m. D.F. / F.L. : f/30 + Mount : G-11 + Gemini + DMK 21AU04.AS camera; processed with Registax / MaxIm DC / PS CS2.

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