image by Howard Eskildsen, Ocala, Florida

I think this is the lowest Sun view of the Neander Fault that I have seen. And it is also one of the fewwith sunset illumination, which requires sacrificing sleep in the very early morning. But it was worth it - at least to me who slept soundly and enjoys Howard's image at a reasonable evening hour. This area just south of the main ring of the Nectaris Basin - that is Piccolomini at upper right - is all coated by the basin's ejecta and cut by the odd linear feature that slashes down to Brenner (bottom left) with the bright crater on its rim. The Neander Fault cuts a smooth piece of an old crater's floor, and the northern end of the fault is radial to the center of the basin. I have called this a fault, but earlier imaging and now LRO's shows it to be part fault, part rille. Where it crosses a small hill - well seen in Howard's image just where the feature changes direction, it is definitely a rille about 2 km wide and less than 50 m deep. In other places, as this evening illumination shows, the eastern (right) lip of the feature is considerably higher than the left, giving it the look of a fault.

Chuck Wood

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