Finding things on LPOD is difficult because of its four different incarnations. Here are ways to search for specific information.

For all LPODs since January 11, 2008
The present site contains original or archived versions of all LPOD's beginning January 11, 2008. The Search box in the navigation bar along the left side of any LPOD Wiki page will give you a clickable list of all pages containing the text you enter.

For all LPODs through June 30, 2008:
Try the Search function here at the LPOD Archives. Sometimes it is difficult to find what you want because this also lists results from the LPOD Photo Gallery and another site I support, Observing the Sky.

For most LPODs through Dec 31, 2007:
Use Kurt Fisher's wonderful index. Note that it does not include LPODs unless the feature is on the lunar nearside. However, it does allow searches for LPODs by coordinates, by Rukl chart page, by Lunar 100, by imager and by feature name and type - it is a valuable resource!

For any LPOD
Try Google. It sometimes finds things I can't find otherwise!