image by Stefan Lammel, UK, and drawing by Phil Morgan, UK

A low Sun drawing of the Triesnecker Rilles focuses attention on the odd area east of the crater (to the left on this south up view). The view seemed familiar and I used the Moon-Wiki to find the image with slightly higher - but opposite - illumination seen above on the left. This is a piece of Stefan's larger mosaic that was LPOD on Oct 14, 2006. It is easy to match features on the two representations even though librations appear to have tilted the images differently. On the drawing the bright range of hills on the bottom right is less pronounced under opposite lighting but is seen to be landscape striated by Imbrium ejecta. The curved shadows above the bright hills follow the subtle ridges and depressions of the trough. This trough is so slight that it doesn't show up in the Kaguya altimetry image, demonstrating that visual observations and imaging can reveal things missed by some satellite data.

Chuck Wood

Technical Details
For drawing: May 1, 2009, see details on edges of drawing.For image, see previous LPOD.

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14 Oct 2006