How to Submit an Image

LPOD only exists because of the excellent images taken by many lunar observers. Please submit your best images for assessment and potential presentation as a future Lunar Photo of the Day. Send your images (grayscale rather than color unless the color is critical for the image) to

In addition to the image, please remember to also include telescope, camera and exposure details (date and time) and any other information about the image which I might use when writing an explanation.

Use this format for the subject line of the email:

Subject: LPOD: Name of submitted image - submitter.

For example, an image of a crater might have the subject line: “LPOD: Copernicus - Higgins”.

Also please rename your image so that it includes the same information.

Why your image may not be used

Many images submitted for LPOD are not used. Some are of lower quality than typical for LPOD, and others are outstanding but many similar ones have appeared previously and I have nothing new to say about that feature. Check Kurt Fisher's name index of LPOD to see if the feature you imaged has been used before - for example, Copenicus has appeared in LPOD 16 times! LPOD will undoubtedly feature yet more views of Copernicus - especially if they are exceptional - and other frequently imaged targets. If in doubt send your image to me - I like to see them all!

There are still many parts of the Moon that have not been adeqeuately imaged either from Earth or space - here is a somewhat outdated list of what is still needed.

And let me apologize in advance. I try to acknowledge reciept of submitted images but often don't have time. I am thankful, even if I don't say so! If your image doesn't appear on LPOD please do upload it to the LPOD Photo Gallery, where a quarter million page views have occurred - your image will be seen there!